What is MSNre :
MSNre is a lightweight but powerful console-based MSN Instant Messenger clone. It has a easy-to-use curses BitchX-like user interface. It has many features, including instant messaging, sending messages to cell phones, file transfer, complete contacts/groups management, email notifications, auto-away messages, netmeeting support, aliases, messages logging, event scripts, local contact list, multi-user chat support, ability to encode characters in the system locale, and much more.

  • Connection - Connect and login to the server, automatically reconnect when disconnected
  • Status - Change own status (including Idle)
  • Contacts - Download and show complete contact lists
  • Friendly Names - Change your own friendly name
  • Contact info - Show complete info about a contact


03-03-2004 - Hey all incoming (main and only developer) is looking for an experienced perl programmer. Please contact him if you would like to help out with this project.
02-28-2004 - Hey allot of work is being done behind the scenes! Another public release will be coming out soon. If you want to check out the current version look in the CVS Repository. Check back soon!
09-11-2003 - Work is in progress. Our leading programmer is slaving literally day and night you try getting the first release out to the public before the dead line of Oct. 15th. There might be an pre-alpha or alpha release this weekend. Keep your eyes open for it!