MSNre is yet another MSN Instant Messenger Clone written in Perl 5. It
allows you to send and receive instant messages, manage the contact
lists, send and receive files and much more. See the Features section
MSNre uses curses BitchX-like user interface. It uses key bindings similar
to the ones used in GNU Emacs or GNU Readline but it's also fully configurable.

To install MSNre extract the archive (tar xvfz msnre-0.91.tar.gz) and do
the following:

perl Makefile.PL
make test
su -c 'make install'

If the installation was successful, type 'msnre' and it should work properly.

* Unix system, tested with Linux 2.4.21 but should work with others.
* Perl version 5.6.1 or later (tested on 5.8.0).

You *need* the following perl modules for MSNre to work:

* Digest::MD5
* Curses
* Encode (a part of perl distribution since 5.8.0)
* LWP::UserAgent, HTTP::Request (to login with the newer protocol versions)

The following perl modules are optional:

* Net::SOCKS (needed for SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 connections)
* Time::HiRes (for a better time resolution in file transfers)
* LWP::Simple (for new versions check)

They can all be downloaded from CPAN sites.

MSNre at it's first run generates a configuration file in ~/.msnre/msnre.conf.
Use this file to modify your MSNre settings.

Also, be sure to read the msnre(1) manual page.

If you like the project and want to contribute there are many things that
should be done. Be sure to read to TODO file and also look for FIXMEs in
the source code. You can contact the author anytime by the e-mail or the MSN.